Booking Information

To speed up the paperwork when you arrive to collect your motorcycle. Please fill in all the fields in the booking form below. This information is used in your agreement to hire a rental vehicle.

  • For the Emergency contact person and contact number, please supply someone that is not on your trip.
  • We must see your actual driving license so please remember to bring it with you or we cannot rent you a motorcycle.
  • Please confirm the excess level you require. If you wish to pay the one-off fee of $100 to reduce your excess down from $4500 to $1500, this must be paid before you take the motorcycle.
  • The chosen excess ($4500 or $1500) will be held against your chosen credit card as a Pre-Authorisation). This Pre-Authorisation will be canceled upon the safe return of the motorcycle in the same condition as it was rented to you.
  • If you need to pay the remainder of the rental and/or the excess reduction, then please ensure you have the capacity on your credit card (s) for the total of these amounts (including the Pre Authorisation amount).
  • If you require picking up from Hobart Airport, then please confirm the Flight details.
  • If you would like to be picked up from somewhere else, then please ask and we can confirm if we are available.
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