Touring Tasmania on a Motorcycle (Photo Gallery)

We were lucky enough to have Nick Edards in a group of friends that trusted us to plan a 7 day self guided tour around Tasmania on four of our rental fleet.

Nick is one of my favorite Motorcycle racing photographers ( Half Light Photographic ) and I love seeing how he captures the action shots of some of my hero’s and mates.

Luckily Nick took one of his “travel” cameras on the adventure (I guess a snapper will never be without some device to capture those moments in time). After their Tassie Holiday, Nick kindly offered me access to his portfolio of photos with an initial “Pick 20 that you like”. Now that night was amazing and stressful (all in one) as it was an impossible task to reduce 100 odd gob smacking images down to just 20.

I eventually messaged Nick to say, I couldn’t do it. I managed to get it down to 30 and found it impossible to cull any more of the photos.

Thankfully Nick put me out of my misery and so I get the chance to show you a glimpse of Tasmania, through the lens of a travel photographer / journalist. Enjoy

If you want to see more of Nick’s art, then go to his website Half Light Photographic

Thank you Nick

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