Be like Ben and not Barry

Below is a fictitious tale about two work colleagues that had a week off work to ride around Tasmania.

Barry rode his own bike from Sydney to Tasmania and Ben booked with TMTR and enjoyed riding his rental bike.

Enjoy the read and see why FIFO (Fly in/Fly out) makes sense.

Barry's adventure

Barry Finished work Friday night all excited about heading off to Tasmania for a week’s riding on the Best roads in Australia.

He had to have a few hours off work during the week to book in, drop off and pick up his bike from a pre-trip service plus although his tyres were still only 50% worn, he still needed to have a new set fitted to last the journey.

Barry set off at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning as he needed to push hard to ride the 1000km down to Melbourne dock for the ferry crossing on the spirit of Tasmania.

What luck, it was raining, so out with the wet weather gear., “sigh” He had little time for breakfast but grabbed what he could with the 4 stops that he needed to refuel his bike, but couldn't afford to take too long in case he missed the ferry. Barry arrived in Melbourne after a stressful time trying to navigate his way around without his GPS, continually stopping to check his phone for directions. He finally found the ferry terminal with only 15 mins to spare. PHEW what a relief!


Barry dragged his bags upstairs to find his room, he thought he would try and reduce his costs by sharing his room with 3 other strangers. After a quick freshen up he made his way to the lounge room for dinner and drinks. Barry dragged himself off to bed weary only to find the others were all snorers, “this is going to be a LONG night”.

Barry awoke and rushed downstairs to be ready for disembarking at 7am …. Still very tired from the 1000km trip to Melbourne and the sleepless night on the boat.

Let Barry’s adventure begin……woo hoo.

The following Saturday Barry needed to be back in Devonport to be ready for the night crossing…. Another sleepless night and then another 1000 km of highway riding to arrive at home in Sydney close to 10 pm Sunday night….

Back at work tired on Monday morning, Barry spent his day wondering why he just didn’t FIFO, it would have been the best choice.

Barry took Ben’s advice and booked his next adventure with TMTR!!

Ben's adventure

Ben finished work, the same time as Barry. When he arrived home from work, he packed his riding gear and clothes for the week.

Saturday morning, he organised an Uber to Sydney Airport for his flight to Hobart. Heavy rain in Sydney but the Uber had the heater on.

Ben arrived at the Airport early enough to be able to relax and enjoy his breakfast. After a pleasant 2-hour flight the plane landed in Hobart at 7:55 am and with only a short 20 km Taxi ride he was greeting Phil at TMTR.

Ben was signing the paperwork, packing his clothes into the panniers and leaving his travel bags safely with TMTR.

All excited Ben was set to go on his around Tassie adventure holiday by 9:30 am Saturday morning.

Ben enjoyed his 9 days riding around Tasmania. He needed to drop the motorbike off by 4:30 PM. Time for a complimentary beer with Phil and Chrissy before the short Taxi drive to the Airport for the 6PM flight With the Taxi home getting Ben home by 10 PM.

Ben was at work Monday morning having enjoyed his 9 days riding around Tasmania. He joked with Barry about where we went on the two additional days riding and that all he had to wash was his jocks and socks...

Barry's costs v Ben's costs

Barry Ben
Bike Service $310 Taxi to Airport $60
Set of Tyres $550 Flight to Hobart $125
Fuel to Melbourne $115 Taxi to TMTR $25
Lunch $20 Return Bike Beer FREE
Ferry for Bike $59 Bike Hire for 9 days $1895
Ferry for Barry $99
Share Cabin $33 Taxi to Airport S25
Meal on Ferry $30 Flight home $115
Bar Bill $20 Taxi home $60
Ferry for Bike $59
Ferry for Barry $99
Share Cabin $33
Meal on Ferry $30
Bar Bill $20
Fuel to Sydney $115
Lunch $20
Another set of tyres $550
Total $2162 Total $2305
Does Barry need to buy Ben got
A GPS ? 2 extra days riding
Heated Grips ?
Luggage ? Total for same 7 days $1895

What about Stan !!

Oh, we forgot to mention Stan…… another friend of Barry and Bill.

He also rode his bike to Tassie…. But unfortunately, only after a day’s riding Stan’s bike broke down.

He is still in Tassie trying to organise transport of his Harley back to Sydney. NOT HAPPY STAN

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    "FIFO" - Fly in and Ride out of Hobart Tasmania. No ferry bookings. No sea sickness. No 12 hours crossings or spending money preparing your own motorcycle. We aim to have you on your bike within 60 minutes of landing !

  • GPS

    Free GPS

    All motorcycles rented from TMTR (either rental only or self guided tours) are equipped with either GARMIN GPS or BMW Navigators, loaded with roads, fuel stops, coffee and pub locations.

  • Handlebar

    Heated Grips

    All our motorcycles are equipped with either Oxford or BMW heated grips for your comfort. It's surprising how warm you feel if your digits are kept warm and cosy.

  • luggage

    Luggage Options

    Our motorcycles have a variety of hard panniers, soft panniers, top boxes and tank bags. When booking, just mention your preferred options, or better still, let us make suggestions on what might be suitable, depending on the trip we have planned together.

  • breakdown

    Breakdown Assurance

    In the event of any issue with your motorcycle rental, we are no more than a few hours away to come and fix the issue so that you are on your way as soon as possible.

  • inspection

    Vehicle Inspections

    In between the motorcycles being returned and booked back out, TMTR's maintenance programme allows enough time to have the motorcycle serviced as per the manufacturer schedule. We also carry out our 82 point "Pre-Hire Safety Checklist" so you can have confidence that your rented motorcycle is in tip top shape.

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